New Jersey Sports Betting Laws

Sports bettors may not be aware that not all states are legal for sports betting. In fact, some states have banned sports betting altogether. But the Supreme Court of the United States has repealed PASPA, opening the door for legal sports betting across the US. New Jersey, for example, became the first state to fully legalize sports betting in June 2018. If you are looking to place an online bet, read on to learn about the basic requirements to legally place an online wager.

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Unlike other states, New York has not yet approved legal online sports betting. However, the State Gaming Commission has approved wagering on sporting events. The next step is to seek bids for gaming platforms to run these wagering services. Once approved, these platforms will allow users to place a bet on outcomes or prop bets. The process could take several months. But in the meantime, you can place your online bet now.

While online gambling companies are working to make it easier for consumers, the State Gaming Commission has decided to delay the process until July 9. It will take months for these operators to be approved. Meanwhile, the State Gaming Commission has approved legal online sports wagering in March. In the meantime, the commission will seek bids for gaming platforms from the two companies. Once this is completed, the operators will be able to place wagers on outcomes, prop bets, and more.