How to Place an NHL Online Bet

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The NHL is the highest level professional hockey league, comprised of 31 teams, with seven in Canada. The NHL plays playoff games similar to the NBA, with the finals being the Stanley Cup. A 1.5 goal spread is used for each game, and sportsbooks will set their own puck lines to reflect this. Players can wager on the puck line or the moneyline. When a team is favored over the spread, the odds are lower, and it is advisable to place a wager accordingly.

The easiest way to deposit funds is with a major credit card, or Bitcoin. However, this method may involve an extra financial hop, so you should check with the bookmaker to ensure the deposit is legal. There may be a service charge associated with credit card deposits, which many bookmakers pass on. Alternatively, you can use the legal betting hub to find sportsbooks that are licensed in your state. This article will outline the options available to you.

Depositing funds into an online betting account is the next step. Most online betting sites require you to create an account and set up login credentials. Once you have an account, you can begin placing bets and hopefully winning money. Once you make a winning bet, you can withdraw the money in the same way as you made your deposit. It’s that easy! However, you need to know your legal obligations when placing an online bet.